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Atelier 1

Located in the heart of SoHo, our New York flagship salon offers a relaxed and inviting environment for clients to browse the Yael Sonia collection. Our knowledgeable team will be happy to offer guidance.

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“I wanted an elegant space where we would feel comfortable meeting with private clients and buyers, but it also had to be an inspiring place for me to make jewelry.”

Yael's appreciation for high-quality materials, exceptional craftsmanship, wit and whimsy is reflected in the design of her atelier, a 1,400 square-foot converted loft space in SoHo that she uses as both a showroom and design workshop. The space was designed in collaboration with Mark Martinez of IMI and Uli Wagner, a New York based architect and product designer who had previously worked with Peter Marino.

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With its restrained color palette and subtle combination of elements, the atelier feels elegant yet appropriate for its downtown location. In the foyer, a custom wallpaper created from a black and white photograph of clouds offers a playful contrast to the adjoining gallery’s gold textured wall crafted by artist Michael Allen. A built-in bench under a bank of windows offers casual seating, while the formal meeting area is anchored by a bronze and Brazilian marble table.

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Atelier 3

The designer's interest in the juxtaposition of geometric and organic forms can be seen throughout the atelier, from the precise angles of the custom vitrines framed in ash to the rounded walls in the main gallery area and the hand-blown glass cocoons by artist Agathe Saint Girons hanging above the workbench.

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“The idea is for people to come visit, sip tea and stay a while.”

— Yael Sonia

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